Ardmore Stud History

According to Woodford Historical Society and the Woodford County Courthouse records, the property that encompasses most of the present day Ardmore was settled by Samuel and Mahala Pepper who were natives of Woodford County and descendants of Virginia ancestry. The Peppers built Ardmore's Federal Period brick home on or around 1827, along with the brick Smoke House, stone Servants Quarters, Carriage Barn, stone Spring House and stone Root Cellar.

Records show that Robert P. Pepper who later became Colonel Robert P. Pepper was born on the family farm in Woodford County in 1833. He was educated at a private school in Versailles. In 1862 Robert Pepper moved to Frankfort, Kentucky and engaged in the distillery business. He was married in 1865.

The farm was sold by the Peppers to Thomas S. and Susan Edwards during the Civil War. It was again sold in 1874 to Thomas E and Sarah Henton. The recorded sales price of the property was $20,000!

Records show that Mr. Henton died around 1893 and his widow, Sarah Henton and her two children, Mary and Nellie Henton, sold the property to Mr and Mrs. William McBrayer Moore in 1910.

The Moores did extensive renovations to the house during their few years of ownership of Ardmore.

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